This big-hearted ice cream man is visiting kids around Geelong for their birthdays in lockdown

This big-hearted ice cream man is visiting kids around Geelong for their birthdays in lockdown

He’s back for lockdown #7

They say you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream and that is pretty much the same thing, and this big-hearted local ice cream man is putting that saying to the test once again as he takes his colourful van to the streets of Geelong.

The key takeaways

  • Mr Pro Whipp is visiting kids birthdays across the region
  • The ice cream van is taking requests via Facebook

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With COVID-19 restrictions once again preventing kids’ birthday parties and even minor celebrations, ‘Mr Pro Whipp’ AKA Ben Ramos are visiting multiple suburbs and birthday’s in the region.

Taking to Facebook each lockdown, the beloved ice cream company delivered a saving grace for many parents in the Geelong region.

“Does your child have a birthday? Did you have to cancel the birthday party plans? Why not surprise them with a visit from a Mr. Pro Whipp ice cream van!”, the post read.

“We are planning to provide a similar service to what we have done in previous lockdowns.”

Each day, Mr Pro Whipp will post to the Facebook group ‘Mr.Pro Whipp Ice Crean Van locations: Geelong’ detailing the suburbs he’ll be driving through. Across the day, he posts street locations of the suburbs as he approaches them. If it’s in a 5km radius from others in the area, they’re all welcome to come for a visit and grab a scoop.

The sweetest part of all is that there are no booking fees or any additional costs for requesting a visit for your child’s birthday – all you need to do is pay for the ice cream. To request a visit, simple message the suburb and date as well as some info about the birthday.

While they won’t be able to confirm any visits until the day, it’s pretty special to know that someone out there is willing to traverse a whole lot of kilometres just to bring a smile and a scoop to a little one on their birthday. Suburbs he’s visited include Little River, Lara, Corio, Bell Post Hill, Geelong West, Moolap, Belmont, Highton, Grovedale, Waurn Ponds, Clifton Springs, Leopold, Whittington, Armstrong Creek, Belbrea, Ceres, Hamlyn Heights, St Albans Park – you name it, he’s been there.

Adhering to COVID-19 guideline, the team will perform daily self-health checks and temp checks.

“We may not get to every single birthday request, but as we did last time, as long as we are fit for work and the weather is ok, we will get to as many birthday kids as we can,” the said.

There is truly so much good in the world.

You can join the Facebook group here to keep up to date with location and/or request a special iso visit.