This Australian outback road trip has been named the best road trip in the world

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This Australian outback road trip has been named the best road trip in the world

Credit: NT Tourism

Your road trip adventure awaits: Australia’s Savannah Way ranks as BEST road trip in the world.

There are countless ways to explore the full splendour of a city, country or even a continent. But to explore the real depths of a place, there’s nothing as exhilarating and eye-opening as hitting the open road for an awe-inspiring adventure across the world’s most scenic spots.

In a new study, the team at analysed a seed list of the world’s most iconic highway destinations to reveal the best road trips in the world to discover the Top 25 Greatest Road Trips in the World taking into account factors like cost, weather and national parks to explore.

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From the rugged valleys of the American Southwest to the winding roads of South Africa’s mountainous routes, the index analysed the destinations’ average temperature in summer, rainfall per year, sunlight hours, light pollution and the number of national parks to explore en route. The list also reveals the road’s length in km and the days it takes to explore.

At number one, Australia’s stunning Savannah Way spans 3,700km across two states across north Australia.

The Savannah Way is an unforgettable route linking the historic pearling town of Broome in Western Australia’s Kimberley with Cairns in Tropical North Queensland via the natural wonders of Australia’s tropical savannahs and the Northern Territory’s Top End.

The road trip ranked first and highest with a score of 68.3. With high temperatures, minimal rainfall, an abundance of national parks and the dramatic landscapes of the outback, this route has all the ingredients you need to create the perfect road trip recipe.

At a reasonable cost of $73 a day (on average) to rent a car, you can expect to drive through an array of diverse landscapes – from dense rainforests to expansive savannahs and craggy gorges.

Sightsee some of Australia’s most recognised yet unique wildlife, including crocodiles, wallabies and even wild horses. With a rich and cultural timeline, the Savannah Way can lead you to explore Australia’s indigenous history with numerous communities and ancient rock art sites dotted throughout the route. With long stretches of open road drivers can soak up the natural beauty of this part of the world for hours on end.

The diverse route also crosses through a near 15 awe-inspiring national parks like Litchfield National Park. These views will provide you and your passengers with envy-worthy Instagram photos for your feed, while the waterfalls, grand scenery and sunbathing spots will help you get back to nature and relax.

Other road trips that feature in the top five include America’s iconic Grand Circle, which travels between Utah and Arizona and offers easy route access to the Grand Canyon. In third, is Route 66 which has legendary status across the world. Starting in Chicago and ending in Santa Monica, roadtrippers can visit some of North America’s most remarkable landscapes.

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