Things to do, and not do, at the races

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Things to do, and not do, at the races

fortespringracing596DON’T get so messy at the pre drinks that you aren’t allowed into the gates and have wasted all those months of colour coordinating your shoes to your fascinator.
DO suss out the best food spots and get in early to avoid the queue. There’s nothing worse than missing the main race because you were waiting to sauce up your corn dog.
DON’T let your friends place bets if they can’t read the board. Friends don’t let friends bet drunk!
DO wear clothes and accessories that will stick to your body like glue, regardless of how messy you get. Nip slips or low pants aren’t a good look, ever.
DO bring the essentials. We’re talking water and sunscreen here people and lots of it!
DON’T start fights because someone spilt your beer or happened to rock up in the same dress as you. No one wants to be the person that ruins everyone else’s day.
DO work out transport to and from the event before you get there. Taxi’s will be far and few between, so check out the bus timetable or a friends that are willing to pick up your fine self.
DON’T take it out on the horses. Yelling profanity to our furry four-legged friends because they didn’t win you the big bucks won’t get you anywhere, except thrown out of the venue.
DO wear appropriate gear. Ladies, that means a heel length you feel capable of doing a marathon in and gents, suits are a no-brainer.
DO take cheesy photos with the horses. You may look like an idiot but the horses deserve some attention too.
DON’T hit up the spray tan the day before the races, especially if you’re wearing a white dress. Natural is key ladies, show off those pale pins!
DO be nice to the TAB attendants. They have nothing to do with if you win or lose, and being stuck in a box is bad enough without getting yelled at too.
DO have a good time and remember that winning big isn’t the be all and the end all of a good day!