Things Are About To Get Spicy; The Best Hot Sauces Ranked

Things Are About To Get Spicy; The Best Hot Sauces Ranked

When it comes to the mighty condiment range, hot sauce is one that seems to gather a cult-like following.

Some would argue that heat can be added to everything and in that case, finding the best suited spicy accomplice is crucial.

The beauty of hot sauce is that one size definitely does not fit all. Although each provides that necessary kick, flavours and ingredients vary from bottle to bottle, meaning there are a plethora of brands we recommend adding to your pantry asap. A few listed below:


Starting off with the cream of the crop, TRUFF Hot Sauce is the definition of a luxury condiment. A mild to medium heat sauce, made up of a blend of ripe chilli peppers, organic agave nectar and black truffle. There is a reason this truffle/spice hybrid was crowned Oprah Winfrey’s (and our) all-time favourite. Try your hand at the hot, hotter, and white truffle variants to find your best match.

RRP: $32.95 AUD


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Frank’s Red Hot

This premium cayenne pepper-based sauce is considered to be ‘The Perfect Blend of Flavour and Heat’. Best known for its complementary pairing with Buffalo wings, Frank’s brings a rich full-flavour to any meal that needs a bit of spice, along with a peppery, garlic flavour for that extra advantage.

RRP: $3.00 AUD


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Chances are, any hot-sauce enthusiast would have a bottle of this Sriracha in their possession. This sauce is a classic, and pairs well with pretty much everything (noodles, pizza, scrambled eggs etc.). The heat comes from sun-ripened red jalapeño peppers with added sugar and garlic for that sweet finish.

RRP: $5.90 AUD

The Chilli Effect El Presidente’s Demise

This Australian-born hot sauce prides itself on its ability to be served on meat pies and sausage rolls alike. This sauce has a sweet and smokey flavour, stemming from three different types of peppers (including the world’s hottest chilli), as well as pineapple, lime and tomato. The heat starts off mild, eventually builds, and can tend to stick around for up to 5 minutes. You’ve been warned…

RRP: $14.50 AUD


Sticking with the Aussie-grown sauces, the Marysol is made up of Australian seasonal chillies, white wine vinegar, sea salt and spices. With a medium heat, Marysol is a fruity-tasting condiment best served on pizza, tacos or in a Bloody Mary. 

RRP: $15.00 AUD

Bunster’s Black Label

For those who don’t shy away from heat, this Black Label is the hottest of them all. This bottle is jam-packed full of Scorpion chillies, orange juice, garlic, onions, lime, ginger, goji berries and herbs – an altogether flavour explosion for the most dedicated of hot sauce connoisseurs. 

RRP: $30.00 AUD

Melbourne Hot Sauce – Habanero Roja

Handcrafted in – you guessed it – Melbourne, the Habanero Roja is the most popular of Melbourne’s extensive hot sauce range. Not only is this sauce full of heat and flavour (Habanero chillies, lemon juice and ginger), it’s a great gluten and dairy-free, vegan option for all spice-lovers to enjoy. 

RRP: $8.00 AUD

The Chilli Effect Wizards Lingering Burn

Rounding out our list is another from the Chilli Effect. With a smokier flavour profile, the Wizards Lingering Burn used Cajun spices to create an earthier hot sauce. The paprika and chipotle seasonings mean this sauce pairs well with your favourite pasta or cheese toasties, with a mild burn that doesn’t overpower your meal.

RRP: $12.00 AUD