They Live!

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They Live!

Where oh where have Veeped been? One rumour has it that following a troubled childhood, Veeped undertook a journey like no other. They attended the University of Alabama on a football scholarship. They met President John F. Kennedy. They enlisted in the United States Army. They were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. They began a famous shrimp fishing fleet. They inspired John Lennon to write ‘Imagine’. And they helped expose the Watergate scandal. But you know what they say about rumours: leave it to Fleetwood Mac.
In a world full of sinners, the folk at Veeped Bored Co. are the good guys. Formed out of Geelong in 2011, they’re all about fighting the good fight for local musicians and events. And now Veeped are back, and they have one hell of a show at Geelong’s Barwon Club this Saturday night, August 22. So come one, come all to Veeped Lives, the musical party of the millennium. Drunk Mums, Sun God Replica, Luke Legs and the Midnight Specials, The Underhanded, Chook & Moluck (Barn closing set), Von Stache (single launch), The Mudge Brothers, DHUNT, Gonzo, Fazz plays Nirvana Loud, Old Feather, Bauer, Hakeem Cannons, Bound by Hound, The Dipsticks, Yeh, Nah, Bugg, Wallet Inspector, Strangelove, DJBK, Salad Butt, MC Rippington and 5’9 Fury will be among the guests.