These Final Hours

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These Final Hours

It’s the end of the world and Perth is the last place to go. Most sensible people seem to have already killed themselves, leaving behind only the crazy, the murderous, the occasional small child, and James (Nathan Phillips). While he sure seems to have a connection with the woman he’s currently having a lot of sex with, he just can’t stay – he’s got a party to go to. But along the way he saves Rose (Angourie Rice) from a roving pack of predators and while he’s got better things to do he ends up promising to help her find her father before the world ends.
Visually this is impressive and individual sequences have real impact, but even at under 90 minutes this runs out of steam before the big finish. Partly that’s because the end-of-the-world vision here is a pretty simplistic one: just about everyone goes nuts and gives into their worst impulses, while as heroes go James doesn’t have much going for him for most of the film’s length.
It’s great to see local films tackling more high-concept ideas and there’s a lot here that works, but it really needed a bit more variety to make the crazed gangs, suicides and murder parties stand out.
Written by Anthony Morris