These are the regional businesses to go to when you need…

These are the regional businesses to go to when you need…

To Up Your Brow Game.
Beautifully sculpted brows don’t come naturally, however, with a professional brow therapist you can achieve the eyebrows you’ve always wanted. These eyebrow specialists are like a great hairdresser; once you’ve found the one, you’re done searching and your set for life. Well, it’s time to delete your brow-dedicated Pinterest ladies (and men too!), because with Brow Syndicate you’ll have the strongest eyebrow game in the biz.

Specialising in high definition eyebrow shaping and tinting, salon owner and brow mastermind Sarah Ward asses your facial features, measures up the best starting and finishing point for your brow and then create a perfectly arched brow just for you! If you’re ready to take the next step in bold and beautiful brows then you can even take the leap and book your Henna Brows with Brow Syndicate, which promises bigger, bolder, and longer lasting brows.

Not only is Brow Syndicate passionate about brows but they love ALL things beauty, also offering all body waxing, lash lifting, spray tanning, teeth whitening along with facials and peels!

So put down the tweezers and get to Brow Syndicate today! Your brows will thank you.
Head to for the full list of services and to book yourself in for a pamper son.

Some Fresh Ink.
If you’re looking to get inked in Melbourne so you can finally tick ‘Get A Tattoo’ off your bucket list, or you just want to add another one to the collection, we’d suggest booking in with HangangTattoo.

Whether you’re after a detailed chrysanthemum, a quirky cat, simple fine-line rose tattoo, inspiring script, or a full, colour Day of the Dead design, you’ll be in good hands with Meck who will ensure you’ll be getting exactly what you envisioned, perhaps even better!

You can choose a design from the extensive collection of designs online, or have a chat with the artist for something more customised. While her bold designs are in a league of their own, we’re living for the fine line tattoos on Meck’s socials, which are so delicate and discreet that the fear of commitment totally disappears.

Tattoos aren’t cheap and the process hurts; that’s why getting one is such a big deal! Tattoo artists are easy to find, but great tattoo artists are like hidden gems, and Hangang Tattoo is one gem we’ve glad to have found!

To book, DM on insta/facebook (@hangang_tattooz) or email


To Rejuvenate.
We all appreciate that sense of feeling recharged after swimming in or walking near the ocean. Now it seems that exposure to salty air, in the form of treatment rooms packed with blocks of the stuff, can relieve a long list of health concerns, from respiratory conditions to skin issues. Located in Ocean Grove, Pinch Salt & Float is a boutique facility offering just that, with salt and floatation experiences and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

If 45 minutes in a salt room peaks your interest, Pinch Salt & Float promises an experience that will rejuvenate your mind and body as you sit, breathe and relax. During the experience, vapours in the salt room release molecules into the lung airways to release negative ions which stimulate the lining of your airways which can reduce inflammation in the lungs and help to alleviate symptoms of many respiratory conditions, while the powder fine pure mineral salts are necessary for cell function and detoxification which can also improve skin conditions.

If you’re more into floatation therapy, they’ve got you covered there too. An isolation tank, usually called a sensory deprivation tank is a lightless, soundproof tank filled with salt water at skin temperature, in which individuals float. Catering to all preferences, Pinch Salt & Float offers both the isolation pod and floatation pool experiences – and they can even cater to couples appointments if you’d like to float with your beau while seeking a holistic health treatment for the mind and body.

Offering other experiences like Infrared Sauna With Chromotherapy, and Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment, Pinch Salt & Float truly is the place to go to free your mind.

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Some New Threads.
There are days when you simply want to look your best. Whether it’s for heading out, staying in or sitting at the office, sometimes some sweet new threads is all you need!

Located in central Geelong (pretty much right next to the Geelong Hotel), Tourbus Entertainment has some of the most rocking clothing on the market, as well as gifts and music gear all under the one roof, making it the ideal destination for both the talented musicians, and lovers of music in need of a fresh outfit.

Whether you’re looking for a new pair of Dr Denim jeans or the latest in the Straight to Hell jacket range, they have a wide variety of threads on offer. We’re big fans of brands The People Vs and Dangerfield, and we’re bloody stoked they’ve got a wide range of band merch tees on sale. Their selection also extends to Volleys for your feet, or even Quay sunglasses for those delicate eyes.

Tourbus is one of the few places you’ll find exclusive hand-crafted gifts such as guitar string bracelets and hand gesture candles, and they also have stacks of vinyl, instruments and other music products for sale if you feel like treating yourself just the little bit more… because why the heck not?

You can even shop online via

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To Bring Balance Back Into Your Life

If you’re keen to take a holistic approach to healing with a mind-body-spirit awareness using Reiki, Massage Therapy and Intuitive healing, then The Art of Healing by Monique could be for you.

Using a culmination of energetic-based healing methods, as well as physically altering massage technique-based treatments, Monique achieves what is needed to re-establish peace and harmony back into your life, and assist you on a journey of deeper self-awareness, growth, expansion and healing on all levels.

If Reiki is your calling, Monique practices Traditional Usui Reiki which is a method of energetic healing, founded by Japanese Shugendo Buddhist and Hatamoto Sumari Mikao Usui, and assist with healing on all levels, mind-body-spirit. Reiki re-establishes the flow of energy through blocked areas by removing the blockages, activating the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

If massage is more your thing, Monique offers therapeutic massage can be used to promote balance and maintain internal and external health. Choose between Lymphatic Massage (to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart), Relaxation massage (if you purely want to bliss out), Aromatherapy Massage (which can assist with reducing anxiety and depression as well as boosting the immune system), or Crystal Healing Massage (which uses crystals along with aromatic massage blends to bring balance into the subtle energies of the body tapping into the chakra system).

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