These adorable plushies are on a mission to create a health conscious Australia

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These adorable plushies are on a mission to create a health conscious Australia

Words by Riya Kiran

Body Buddies’ mission is simple: to raise health awareness amongst young children as well as adults

At only 20 years old, Melbourne University Biomed student Aayushi Khillan has founded Body Buddies – an incredible company boosting health education amongst our community.

“It was in the heart of COVID-19, as we were watching how slowly national responses were developing and the devastations occurring from a lack of awareness,” explained Aayushi.

“I thought, how do we prevent future pandemics from occurring? How do we make sure health responses are better when this happens again?”

COVID-19 showed us all how unpredictable and disastrous health crises can be without preparation. It was crucial and evident to Aayushi that in order to respond appropriately and faster to future health issues, health education must be integrated for the next generation at a young age.

“We need to educate young children, in order to have a more health engaged and proactive society.

“One night I was just staring at my childhood toys and thought wow this is it! This would be such a good idea to teach young kids!

“What better way to do this than with adorable plushies!” she exclaimed.

Working with a team and support system of graphic designers, advisors and kids, 6 loveable characters were born!

Say hello to the Bronchiole Bros, Enamely, Aortina, Cerebella, Cornelia and Glomerulo!


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Body Buddies sells soft toys, key chains and stickers in the shapes of these various organ characters. Each of these toys comes with a complimentary educational booklet written by a medical professional, that educates kids on how it functions, what it looks like and how to keep it healthy.

Body Buddies was founded with the mission of raising awareness and giving back to community, therefore 50% of the profits raised from all the products are donated to their partnering charity, Transplant Australia!

Through this partnership, Body Buddies hopes to raise awareness about organ donation and encourage more Australians to become donors.

“We’re working with them to raise further awareness about organ donation and encourage more Australians to become donors,” states Aayushi.

“We also want to eliminate the stigma and shine a light on the stories and struggles of transplant donors and recipients.”

Aayushi has also begun engaging with health professionals and doctors, to integrate the Body Buddies mission into clinics and hospitals, so that it spreads to the wider community.

“Ultimately the goal is to make this worldwide and spread health awareness as far as I can,

“We want to spread out of toys and to running educational courses in schools!

“It’s all about being a positive influence, and bringing the young community together to build a healthier society!”

Become a part of this mission by purchasing one of these loving characters and help spread the message!

These adorable plushies can be purchased on the Body Buddies website, and for more information check out their Instagram page!