There’s a special Friends trivia night happening in Geelong next month

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There’s a special Friends trivia night happening in Geelong next month

If you start binge-watching all seasons now, you might be able to finish in time for this special Trivia night!

18 years on since the very last episode aired, Friends still holds a pretty special place in hearts worldwide with many people viewing the 10 seasons multiple times over.

If you know the Friends series like the back of your hand (from Chandler’s day job, Ross and Rachel’s first date and Monica’s towel categories, to the first thing Ross says at the beginning of the opening episode and which character says the last ever line in the series), this could be your time to shine at the upcoming Friends Trivia night at the Elephant and Castle in Geelong next month.

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Like Ross in The One with the Embryos, the Quizmasters at the classic Geelong pub have gone ahead and compiled questions that only a true, die-hard fan would know the answers to for this special trivia night on Wednesday, September 21.

With table bookings available from 6pm up until 7:30pm, head on in early and fuel up before testing your knowledge on all things Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey and Phoebe.

It will be $10 entry per player and punters can take advantage of the $14 cocktail specials on the night.

That’s all the info we have for now, but stay tuned and we’ll update you when we know more.

If you’d be willing to bet your apartment à la Monica Geller for the title, round up the crew and book in here