There’s a new ice creamery in town

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There’s a new ice creamery in town

Ever spent the night in a beach town and had a late night hankering for ice cream but didn’t want to drive to the nearest town to get it?

Ocean Grove locals would know this feeling all too well, but lucky for you, the ice creams gods have heard your cries.

That’s right, there’s a new ICECREAM shop in Ocean Grove.

Paradise Parlour opened its doors at the end of December, and it’s been nothing but good news ever since.

With an humble store front tucked away on The Parade up from Ocean Grove Main Street, the parlour offer a wide range of flavours, including Cookies + Cream, Salted Caramel, Fairy Floss, Mojito and all-time favourite flavour, Coffee.

Better still, all ice creams are handmade with natural ingredients, and there is also vegan, gluten free, dairy free and nut free options available. How’s that for the most accommodating ice creamery around?

They also pride themselves on being sustainable, with everything in the shop being recycled, biodegradable or decomposable, so head on down to Paradise Parlour OG, and get yourself one or three of these amazing flavours in either a cup (one of their bamboo cups) or even bring your own cup, bowl or mug if you’re like me and love to eat your ice-cream out of a jumbo mug..

Paradise Parlour is a good place to go for some quality ice cream and good times. It’s a cool place to hang out on those warm summer days & nights.

So, get down for a scoop, you won’t regret it!

Open daily from 12-9pm for all your late nice ice-cream cravings. Check out the website here.

Written by Chloe Cicero