There’s a new ice creamery in town

There’s a new ice creamery in town

Ice cream is better in winter. There, we said it.

Many of even the most enthusiastic ice cream aficionados believe the myth that you should only eat ice cream in the summer. Well, those people are missing out big time.

While of course we enjoy that refreshing feeling of an icy gelato on a hot summer’s day, we firmly believe that it’s just so much more enjoyable in winter! There are no lines at the shop, you don’t need to race against the sun and nothing soothes a sore throat like ice cream. Plus, most traditional winter desserts (think warm brownies and pies) aren’t complete without a scoop ice cream on top.

For those that agree and can’t say no to a scoop on even the coldest day, we have some great news for you – a new ice cream store has just opened up in town.

Opening on Friday, Curls and Swirls is all about serving rolled ice cream, a style inspired by Thai street vendors.

Usually rolled ice cream is achieved by pouring a milk and cream base onto cold metal plates, and chop in any add-ins (nuts, banana, cookies, KitKats, etc.) before flattening it out and rolling up the mix. It’s pretty cool and it looks amazing!

Curls and Swirls, which you can also find in Geelong West, offer loads of different flavours, including Oreo, mint, choc banana, Nutella, Kit Kat, Tutti Frutty – the list goes on and on.

They’ll also be slinging tubs of Ben & Jerry Flavours, delicious shakes, fresh juice, and a fresh fruit bowl.

Curls and Swirls is located at 186 Ryrie Street, Geelong. Check out their Facebook here.