There’s a massive month-long Rocky Road Festival coming to the Surf Coast

There’s a massive month-long Rocky Road Festival coming to the Surf Coast

A whole festival dedicated to the treat with the perfect mix of sweet, crunch and squishy marshmallows.

Running for a whole month and making all your sugar-filled dreams come true, the famous Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie’s Rocky Road Festival made it’s return once again this May and now its moving online for the remainder of the festival, thanks to the snap lockdown announced today. Now runing as a virtual event, the team will be delivering Rocky Road Festival sensations to anyone and everyone until May 31.

The key takeaways

  • The Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie’s annual Rocky Road Festival returns
  • There will be 31 weird and wonderful flavours on offer
  • The festival is running all of May

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Because we all know Easter isn’t long enough, for the entire month (yes all 31 days!) of May, the European Chocolatiers will be giving the classic Aussie Rocky Road treat a makeover and creating 31 different flavours of the treat which will take form as hand made blocks, bars, truffles, ice creams and desserts using couverture chocolate with seasonal and exotic ingredients.

For those just keen on a good old block of Rocky Road, there will be a three-metre long cabinet completely filled with Rocky Road temptations. Festival-goers can pick and mix from the 31 different flavours, including cookies and cream, salted caramel popcorn, and apparently even a metre-long slab of Rocky Road… oh boy. The flavours we recommend trying out include the limoncello cocktail, rainbow unicorn, Bailey’s bliss, and the cranberry gin fizz. There are some pretty interesting flavours that have to be seen to be believed including a pistachio and olive oil, a lego legend, and a berry tiramisu. Yum, just yum.

And because the GORC believe in an equal world, this is a festival that caters to any dietary requirement, so you’ll find flavours without nuts, gluten and/or dairy for any fan of the marshmallow stacked treats. How goods that?!

For the remainder of the festival, you can arrange local delivery to postcodes 3231, 3230, 3228 & 3217, click and collect or have your favourite Festival flavours & create your own rockin’ 1kg blocks sent anywhere in Aus.

Anything that celebrates the marshmallow, nut, cherry and chocolate creation of the Rocky Road sounds like a pretty good time to us.

The Rocky Road Festival will go from Saturday 1 May until Sunday 31 May at the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie in Bellbrae. Find out more information by visiting the Facebook page or the website.