Thea FitzGerald captures the poignancy of bittersweet goodbyes in new, boppy single, ‘Good Like That’

Thea FitzGerald captures the poignancy of bittersweet goodbyes in new, boppy single, ‘Good Like That’

Words by Ashlee Simpson

Getting you ready for a sassy, liberated summer, Melbourne singer songwriter Thea FitzGerald has unveiled her new single, ‘Good Like That’, and it’s the perfect soundtrack for saying goodbye to the challenges of the last 18 months and swaggering into a new chapter.

‘Good Like That’ is a soulful bop with elements of a disco beat that invites listeners to experience moods of freedom and letting go. A long time Melbournian singer and producer, Thea has been using her music-industry knowledge to craft her previous (and upcoming) releases and pave her way into the field of production and performance.

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A hypnotic piano introduction to ‘Good Like That’ eases listeners in to the track and is accompanied by a distant trumpet rhythm (played by the exceptionally talented Woody Sampson, House of Wood) to evoke pure good vibes and highlights the song’s sense of liberation. 

The clicking beat and the stripped-back drum rhythm settle the listener into the groove as Thea sings about the “truth is we’re both the same, pushing the world away”, and uses an infectious soundscape to get listeners bouncing into the chorus; a serene landscape that is a world of honest freedom and happiness. 

Throughout the song, the consistent piano hits work as an underlying system of familiarity, transporting the listener into the world of the song; where the values within the lyrics are most important. Thea maintains this significant connection with her listeners, particularly in the stripped-back bridge. The dreamy mood effortlessly allows listeners to consider the “need to move on… I see you later, I’ll be good like that”; whereby the final chorus, the trumpet’s fanfare-esque meaning is completely understood by the listener as an emotional coming of age is celebrated.

“Musically, we had so much fun creating super loose, energetic layers of instrumentation that sit perfectly in tandem but in a disjointed, relaxed way. The trumpets added that final piece of ‘street party’ that I associate with freedom,” Thea says in relation to the groovy music of the song. 

“The freedom explored in the lyrics cams pretty naturally because I was experiencing ‘freeing myself’ in real-time when writing them… It allowed me to close a certain chapter of my life that no longer served me well… that eventually there is always some positive to come from any situation.” 

The sense of freedom is clearly endorsed throughout the lyrics that speak to the listeners and is attuned to the mood of the song. Thea notes that the lyrics came “stemming from a very fiery burst of emotion [she] had one afternoon” before adding the instrumentation to emphasise the emancipation the lyrics endorse. 

Thea “specially aimed for something a little more monotone and confined in the bridge to create that sense of frustration that leads to, but juxtaposes against said freedom”, which listeners can hear within the stripped-back rhythm that essentially “opens up” the song.

The liberated child of lockdowns and a labour of love throughout the difficulties of living in a world of COVID, ‘Good Like That’ has been released ahead of Thea’s second EP in February 2022, and is sure to be a part of summer appearances Thea has hinted at. She says to “keep your eyes peeled on the socials” for all announcements. These opportunities stem from Thea’s love for music, having been the “centre point of [her] life from day one” and come naturally after performing with a young women’s soul group in her early high school experience. She later describes that this “opened [her] world up to so many special musical relationships” where she now is capable of “finding [her] way as a solo artist and honing in on [her] writing, production, and performance skills.”

‘Good Like That’ perfectly encapsulates all that Thea intends to bring to the world, inviting listeners to feel liberated and groovy with the celebratory lyrics and disco bop. There is no doubt that the song is yet another exciting release from Thea, with many more set to take over Victoria, Australia, and the world.

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