The Yes Experiment is the newest show coming to Network 10, where kids are calling the shots

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The Yes Experiment is the newest show coming to Network 10, where kids are calling the shots

Words by Staff writer

The Yes Experiment Premieres on Network 10 and 10 Play on November 18.

In an era where screens often replace conversations, and ‘no’ becomes a default response, Network 10 is set to revolutionise family dynamics with the Australian premiere of The Yes Experiment.

Airing Saturdays at 12.30 pm on 10 and 10 Play, this heartwarming and enlightening social experiment promises to inject joy into households across the nation starting November 18, 2023.

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Hosted by the charming and relatable Emmaline Carroll Southwell, accidentally turned TikTok sensation during Melbourne’s lockdown, The Yes Experiment invites parents to embark on a day-long journey of saying “yes” to their children. As the viral video turned beloved children’s book, “Our Family Pledge,” captured the hearts of thousands, Emmaline, a mother of three, is the perfect guide through this extraordinary experiment.

@the.yes.experiment đź’™Starting this Saturday on channel 10 at 12.30pm #yesday #tvshow @Emmaline ♬ original sound – the.yes.experiment

The groundbreaking show aims to spotlight the remarkable transformations that occur when parents give their kids complete control and undivided attention. Expect emotional roller coasters filled with touching moments, laughter, and unexpected surprises.

From heart-pounding roller coaster rides to raucous food fights, The Yes Experiment captures the unbridled joy and laughter of shared experiences. Yet, it’s not all about grand-scale adventures; sometimes, the beauty lies in smaller asks. Episodes showcase requests like temporary bans on parents’ phone use or children taking charge of breakfast, highlighting the importance of undivided attention and shared responsibilities.

The Yes Experiment delves into a variety of family scenarios, emphasizing the beauty of giving children control and exploring the endless possibilities of their imaginations. It’s a celebration of family bonds, communication, and the magic that happens when parents say ‘yes’ to their children.

The Yes Experiment will premiere on November 18, 2023, on 10 and 10 Play.