The World's leading creativity infused business event returns

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The World's leading creativity infused business event returns

It’s been dubbed as the “Australasia’s SXSW” and “Woodstock for digital natives”.
Set to run across 6-8 February next year at Melbourne’s iconic Federation Square for its ninth year, Pause Fest is the world’s leading creativity infused business event for creators, explorers and leaders.
Well known for their diverse curation presenting only the very best talent from Australia and abroad, for the first time next year the event is bringing the largest cohort of international speakers in the country. Over thirty leaders from global brands and organizations like Google, Amazon, CERN, YouTube, NBC, Cloudflare, NASA, Airbnb along with 200 of local heroes and innovators will come together over the three days. This includes people like Google Senior Account Manager Rachael O’Meara, InVision Head of Design Transformation Stephen Gates, Cisco Systems Founder Kate O’Keeffe and YouTube’s UX Director Paolo Malabuyo – just to name a few.
These guests will engage in workshops, panels across seven stages and 21 content tracks from Design, Future of Work, Ai, Blockchain, Health & Wellbeing, E-sports, Smart Future, Science, Diversity & Inclusion to Education, E-sports and Music. New program additions include Pause Incubator, Inner Circle and the next iteration of the Pause Retreat.
Centred around the theme ‘Intimate Future’, Pause Fest and it’s speakers will focus on the topics that analyse human interaction with technology, how it’s challenging our social fabric and the possible consequences of this future.
“We live in a world where anything is possible. The digital revolution has sparked the new gold rush, where entrepreneurs have the ability to rewrite how we live. All you need is an internet connection and a phone to access tools that are more powerful than those that put a man on the moon,” Pause Fest founder George Hedon says.
“Australia is known as ‘the lucky country’ – globally envied as one of the most liveable places in the world. So, why are we moving slower than the rest of the world when it comes to innovation?
Pause Fest is on a mission to help Australia think big and think global, and I am proud to say we have been doing this now for nine years.”
A home to an audience of early adopters, Pause Fest is responsible for launching some of Australia’s greatest companies (Canva, Zero Latency, Girls in Tech, AKQA and Matters). Providing the launchpad these businesses need to thrive, Pause Fest are in fact a catalyst for change, a uniter of all industries… Pause Fest truly is a platform for the future.
Fully embracing the future, Pause Fest have even gone a step further for their next edition by changing the ticketing structure to help guests maximise their 2019 Pause Fest experience. For 2019, there will be a ticket for everyone; whether you’re a Creator who wants to commercialise a bright idea, an Explorer who wants to supercharge their professional development, or even if you are a Leader who wants to use a shareable ticket for your team to pursue business development and investment opportunities. This way, attendees will have more time to rub shoulders with the kind of industry-shattering leaders that could totally change their career trajectory.
It’s clear, while the team have built Pause from the ground up, at Pause 2019, you’ll be able to access the best of the best from the top down – you get access today to the people who will transform you tomorrow. Whoever you are and whatever you do – senior, junior, intern, janitor – the potential for professional growth at Pause 2019 is utterly unprecedented.
3 Days. 7 Stages. 30+ International Speakers. 200 Local Legendary Speakers. 25 Panels. 15 Workshops. 30 Startups. 21 Tracks of Content. VIP Events. Exclusive Retreat. Your infinite opportunity to witness the future of business awaits…
Pre-sale has sold out and early bird tickets are now on sale. Prices are set to increase every month. Pause Fest 2018 sold out so make sure you get yours ASAP via