The Workers Club Geelong to host BBQ vs Beer food night

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The Workers Club Geelong to host BBQ vs Beer food night

Beer and BBQ food go together like avocado and literally everything in existence. Now we’ve got your attention, Workers Club in Geelong are hosting a beer vs bbq event.

The Workers Club has quickly become known as the home for smoked meats in Geelong, with ribs, chicken dippers, macaroni balls and more to dine in on.

Providing the golden liquid is award-winning NSW brewery 4 Pines, a selection of the six finest beers will be complemented with Workers Club food, with a special menu organised for the night.

4 Pines opened in 2008 just outside of Sydney with success and expanded in 2012, priding themselves in a number of unique flavours among their beers.

Done away with the preconceived ideas of Australian beer, 4 pines has floral, chocolate and even chili flavours in their stouts and ales.


Treat yourself instead of the usual VB and Woolies finest snag and get tickets now from the venue or online, $50 a head the tasting goes for 2 hours from 6.15pm, October 11.

This is to be the first of what will hopefully become a monthly event, with a different beer featured each month and same delicious BBQ inspired food.


Head to the Facebook event page for more details. Tickets can be picked up from the website. Book asap to avoid disappointment, the venue will not be taking walk-ups.

Written by Melissa Davis