The Whyte Cutting Through the Dark

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The Whyte Cutting Through the Dark

Words by John “Dr John” Lamp

A musician that's fearless and spirited.

Being a musician just now is a struggle. Gigs have dried up, festivals and tours have evaporated, and you can talk about the space it opens up for writing and recording, but it’s hard without that direct audience appreciation and interaction. 

Red Whyte is based on the Surf Coast and has released many CDs over the years, solo, and probably best known for the groups Surfusion and Inked Factor. The surfing theme regularly intrudes into his music. 

On his CDs, Red has been joined by many well-known musicians – Jeff Raglus, Howlin’ Wind, Phil Smurthwaite, Tim Gaze and Tim Neal to name a few.

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In some ways, being a mad keen surfer based down there, the lockdown has some bonuses, especially the beach breaks in your 5km exercise zone.

On the other hand, sometimes it only takes one more thing and for Red Whyte that was the loss of his dog, Sasha.

Sasha had been a constant in Red’s life for many years, even appearing in his track “Dog Fart!”

Last Monday saw Red in his trusty Ford Falcon heading from Torquay to Bells in the evening, towards the sunset.

“I was feelin a bit down… decided to chuck on PBS FM.”

On Monday PBS has Richi Madan’s program, Mumbai Masala, which Red has often listened to, but hadn’t been in touch with for over five years.

He drove along thinking, that’s song’s nice, hang on … “I just couldn’t believe it… they were playing one of my songs .. made me feel real spesh and happy.”

It was Rainbow Ridge Point from one of his rocks CDs, Off the Rocks.

“I ain’t even listened to it myself for years. An instrumental with a lovely sitar on it. Yeah, a trippy moment.”

Red is currently working on some new material and will be back into it with renewed enthusiasm. I think Sacha would like that.

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