The White Rabbit Chocolate Stout is back this Easter for a limited-time only

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The White Rabbit Chocolate Stout is back this Easter for a limited-time only

White Rabbit has teamed up with Pana Chocolate once again for a limited Chocolate stout release.

Beer and chocolate lovers rejoice, as the White Rabbit Chocolate Stout returns for its seventh outing this Easter.

After numerous successful years, White Rabbit has once again teamed up with the Pana Organic dream team to tantalise the tastebuds of many beer lovers with a smooth and velvety stout. In other words, a perfect Easter drink.

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White Rabbit’s philosophy of ‘Fermentation with Imagination’ led its brewers to experiment with one of the oldest fermented foods on Earth – Cacao. 

In hindsight, it seems it was only a matter of time before someone had the idea to link White Rabbit with Easter, but it took until sometime in 2016, some seven years after White Rabbit started the brewery, to do it. The original idea was to create a chocolate-infused stout in collaboration with a respected, local producer. That led to Pana Organic and the first release just in time for easter 2017.

Initially, the beer was an incredibly intricate, very crafty offering that included, along with the Cacao from Pana Organic, brandy-soaked oaked staves, barrel aging and hand filling into 750ml bottles. It proved so successful in the years to come; White Rabbit has continued to brew larger and larger volumes ever since.

For this year’s Choc Stout, notes of dark malt and chocolate reach the nose first. The mouthfeel is rich and smooth with a pleasant heat from the brandy and the finish is clean and slightly sweet.

Speaking to the return of the beer, Jeremy said the creation of the beer goes beyond simply adding chocolate.  

“Our fan favourite Chocolate Stout combines traditional darker and roasted malts and barley with a very late addition of cacao, brandy spirit, and candy syrup to produce a slightly sweet beer perfect for Easter and the coming winter months.”

White Rabbit Chocolate Stout will be available for a limited time on tap and in pack around Australia, with 375ml cans available at major liquor retailers including;

  • Dan Murphy’s (National)
  • BWS (VIC)
  • Liquorland (National)
  • First Choice (National)
  • Plus ~250 other stores throughout the country.

For more information or to purchase some online, visit