The Walking Who: Lewiside

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The Walking Who: Lewiside

For the psychedelic lovers out there, we’ve found your next big thing with Sydney psych-rock trio the Walking Who. Opening with the distorted guitar heavy instrumental number of ‘Apolloduction’, it’s instantly clear if there were an album to have a trip too, this is it.

Where other psych releases may mash into a blur of similarity, Lewiside stands out and weaves between different moods and influences. ‘With Roses’ is a gentle number with light guitar strumming throughout and a focus on the crooning vocals, it’s a highlight for me as it seems like the ideal track to see out the remainder of summer.

The real charm seems to be in the slower numbers where a greater focus seems to be paid. If there’s any qualms I have with this album it’s the difficulty in understanding the vocals, most often they seem slurred in a lazy rush, but again, that’s really part of the whole effect isn’t it? Check this one out, it’s time King Gizz had a serious challenger.¬†

Out now independently
Reviewed by Valerie Vatoosh