The Waifs: Beautiful You

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The Waifs: Beautiful You

In January this year, The Waifs headed into 301 Studios in Byron Bay to record with Nick DiDia who has worked with Bruce Springsteen, Rage Against The Machine and Powderfinger. The resulting album Beautiful You is raw and emotionally charged at the core and showcases the stunning song writing of the Simpson sisters. Having spent the early formative years of the band travelling around Australia in the mid 1990s playing shows, these days the band splits time living in the US and WA.
‘6000 Miles’, talks about the distance between Vikki’s home in Utah, Colorado and Western Australia and there is a somewhat sadness to the track and longing to be back home. It’s a slow reflective number on the album and is filled with pretty little reverb drenched, electric guitar fills. The middle eight refrain in which Vikki sings ‘Not even oceans can keep us apart’ is quite an emotional moment and something that listeners will be able to relate with if they have spent lengthy periods abroad.
The penultimate track on this album is a rollicking number called ‘Born To Love’ and featuring Cunningham on the vocals, it eludes a bad arse vibe to it and is sure to be a highlight of the new live show set to tour around the country in October and November. If you are a fan of The Waifs, then you will dig this record. It’s delicate and honest song writing at the centre and is sure to keep your feet tapping and your heart warm long after its conclusion.
Out Now Via Jarrah Records
Reviewed by Tex Miller