The Victorian Government has allocated $4.5M to build Twelve Apostles Trail

The Victorian Government has allocated $4.5M to build Twelve Apostles Trail

Funding for the first stage of the Twelve Apostles Trail has finally been included as part of the Victorian Government‘s $2.7 billion Building Works package to stimulate the economy.

A total of $4.5 million dollars will be handed over by the state to help the construction of stage one which will start by connecting Timboon to Port Campbell, providing a vital link for the local community, businesses in Port Campbell and Timboon, and visitors to the region.

This money, along with the $2.22million already allocated from the Corangamite Shire Council in the Draft Budget for 2020-2021, will be a huge boost for locals and visitors alike.

“We’re in very challenging times and many of our residents have been impacted by the economic crisis brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Construction of the Twelve Apostles Trail will translate into immediate jobs for Shire residents and income for local businesses during the downturn,” Corangamite Mayor Neil Trotter said following the announcement.

“It will also create an ongoing asset that will continue to provide employment and recreation opportunities for our community into the future.”

The project, which has been in the planning for almost 15 years, was brought to head last month as the Corangamite Shire Council called on Federal and Victorian governments to fast-track funding, believing it could be a lifeline for jobs and businesses, alongside providing long-term benefits from improved walking and cycling opportunities.

For the past few years, the Council have argued that regional tourism growth has been held back by visitors being dependent on vehicles, short stays, and coastal concentration. The Twelve Apostles Trail intends to change this by meeting an increasing demand for active, environmentally sustainable tourism experiences and modes of transport as well as contributing to the long term health of the community and viability of the tourism industry.

Council is currently completing the detailed design of the trail and consultation with landowners, agencies and the broader community will commence next week.

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