The Ultimate Beer Pairings

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The Ultimate Beer Pairings

Here’s the predicament: you’ve been at the bar for a while, you’ve found your beer and stuck to it for the past two hours. But now it’s dinnertime. Not wanting to ruin the perfect taste your chosen beer has given you, you look at the menu in confusion. That’s where our ultimate beer pairing comes in. We’ve picked the classic foods so you can stick to your classic beer. Cheers.
Anything Cheesey (Pizza, we’re looking at you)
Surprisingly, all beer types blend well with cheese as the carbonation in beer creates a lighter acidity and lifts the fat in cheese off the palate. Though if you’re brave in the cheese department (anything with strong cheeses like goat and blue) pick an equally brave beer like a darker lager or ale.
Fried and Delicious (KFC, chips, all the good things in life)
Fries have a (generally) subtle flavour, so it’s best to get a beer that’ll cleanse your palate without getting rid of the salty goodness you got the chips for to begin with. Belgian beers are best, so try a Belgian Blonde ale or lager, a light German lager or a Stella Artois if we’re getting specific.
Chicken (most commonly in Parmi form) and Pasta
With how good a Parmi tastes (provided it’s been made how it should) you don’t want your beer to overpower that perfectly balanced flavour. So, by no surprises, stick to light beers. Again a Belgian Blonde ale is good or perhaps try a wheat beer (provided it’s not too hoppy).
So there you have it, a few things to drink alongside your dishes. Just be sure to keep this copy of Forte handy for any menu-beer ultimatums.