The Timbers: Restless

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The Timbers: Restless

If you’re in the mood for something full of high energy to get you dancing, coupled with gruff vocals, beautiful four part harmonies, and catchy hooks, then look no further than The Timbers’ new album Restless. With tracks like ‘The Plan’ and ‘Dead Rock Stars’, this is the kind of timeless mix of folk and roots that makes you want to grab a bottle of whiskey or moonshine, and find yourself clapping or stomping along – probably in an old pub or surrounded by hay somewhere.

Their songs are full of fast and powerful acoustic guitars, mandolins and brass with upbeat drum rhythms that keep the intensity going in each track. At the other end of the scale, The Timbers surprise you with their heartfelt ballads, like ‘Blood and Gold’ and ‘Now’, that are full of brassy melodies and vocal performances that hit home while taking you on an emotional roller coaster ride throughout the album. Restless creates an atmosphere of both upfront and catchy songs, and an emotional honestly throughout the album that captures your attention, and leaves you craving more from The Timbers.

Reviewed by Claire Rosenberg