The sweetest interactive exhibition to hit Melbourne

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The sweetest interactive exhibition to hit Melbourne

Sugar Republic is a delicious pop-up museum dedicated to the celebration of desserts, candy and all things sweet through 14 amazing sensory exhibits.
Relive your childhood with a life-size gumball machine, which you can climb into and play around in; play in a huge grown-up ball pit, swing in a fairy floss room or make yourself a soft serve ice cream with sprinkles. There’s also a room where colourful Slinkys drop from the ceiling and another where you can shoot a confetti cannon over a giant birthday cake… we’re already drooling.
You’ll also get to peek into a pop-up cinema screening sweet old-school flicks (think Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) and climb under an inflatable doughnut canopy. And don’t worry about eating before you go, because as you explore the 14 fun-filled spaces; you can enjoy lollies, ice cream and snacks along the way.
It’s this winter’s ‘must see’ exhibition for anyone who ever hit a sugar high, slammed a Tim Tam or jumped for joy at the sound of a Mr. Whippy van.
Sugar Republic is open at 379 Smith Street, Fitzroy until August 17. Tickets start at $25 and need to be purchased in advance online.
Check out the FB here.