The Sugarcanes: Self-titled

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The Sugarcanes: Self-titled

Think of some of the best soul lead singers you’ve heard over the years and exactly what it was that made them great, now think of what’s in offer in Melbourne and chances are the list is much smaller. A name that is no doubt on your list, is The Sugarcanes’ Lucy Wilson and her intoxicating, powerful vocals.

Throughout the album, influences from Otis and Etta to Mavis and Wendy Rene are heard, and modern day comparisons to Alabama Shakes and Booker T have all been made as well, and rightly so.

A highlight comes with ‘Oh Darling’ for the pure vocal powerhouse that Wilson is and the subdued, gentle, yet beat-driven instrumental backing. It’s a perfect balance that sets off the vocals and an aspect that follows throughout the release.

If there’s a criticism, it would be nice to hear a little bit more backing vocals come in from the rest of the band – the kind of harmonising that makes us all feel as if we can have a shot. Overall, this a nod back to the true sound of soul in its origins.

Snake Necktie Records
Reviewed by Valerie Vatoosh