The StandardX Melbourne: A bold fusion of iconic elegance and modern rebelliousness to open in Fitzroy

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The StandardX Melbourne: A bold fusion of iconic elegance and modern rebelliousness to open in Fitzroy

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The long-awaited The StandardX Melbourne hotel is set to open in Fitzroy in February 2024 and with it, a trifecta of new food and beverage offerings.

February 2024 marks the eagerly anticipated arrival of The StandardX Melbourne, the latest venture from the iconic hospitality brand, Standard International. With a rich history of setting cultural trends in cities like New York, Miami, London, and Bangkok, The StandardX is set to redefine the classic Standard experience for the modern, adventurous traveller.

Taking inspiration from its rebellious roots, The StandardX distills the essence of The Standard into its X-Factor—an indescribable raw energy that accompanies the thrill of discovering the unexpected.

As the rebellious younger sibling of The Standard, The StandardX promises minimalist rooms, come-hither cultural programming, and intuitive hospitality without the fuss.

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Situated in the vibrant, post-industrial enclave of Fitzroy, The StandardX draws from the neighbourhood’s iconic history, including its 70s and 80s heyday when artists like Nick Cave and Ollie Olsen shaped the Little Band scene. Melbourne’s own Hecker Guthrie has seamlessly translated The Standard’s classic imprint into 125 rooms and unique public spaces that reflect Fitzroy’s rebellious spirit.

Upon entering the lobby through a bold revolving door, guests are welcomed to an airy elevated loft adorned with macrame-wrapped columns by local artist Sarah Smalltown and paintings from Dane Lovett. The contemporary aesthetic spans eight floors, offering room categories from the intimate Cozy King to the spacious Suite Spot, each featuring a palette of blue and white with a nod to local talent, including works by Jane Sinclair.

The hotel’s trifecta of food and beverage offerings is set to leave a lasting impression. The Roof, a secret rooftop hideaway, offers a dining experience inspired by the melodic flavors of Mercado Medellin, with Executive Chef Justin Dingle-Garciyya presenting a menu featuring delectable dishes like tacos and ceviche. Bang, the all-day Thai eatery, brings the bold, vibrant flavors of Thai street food, while The Box, a retail concept, offers everyday essentials and a bespoke selection of snacks and drinks from local producers to be enjoyed on-the-go or in-room.

With rates ranging between $250-$350, The StandardX Melbourne aims to deliver a unique and accessible experience. Standard International has exciting expansion plans for The StandardX brand, with future targets including Bangkok, Brooklyn, East Austin, and more.

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