The Stackshots Final Show

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The Stackshots Final Show

After almost two years together, Geelong based band The Stackshots recently announced they were going on an ‘indefinite hiatus.’ The trio, who met in a music class in early 2013 and formed the band shortly after, have had an incredibly successful couple of years; they’ve toured the country, received the K-Rock ‘Pick of 2014’ award and released their first album to an overwhelmingly positive response. But as they were working on their anticipated follow-up record, the band’s bassist Corey Cookson said that something just didn’t feel right.
“Over the last few months it’s slowly built up and we all kind of felt like something had to give… We’d gotten pretty far along in the writing process and we were writing what we thought was our best stuff but then we kind of lost the motivation to keep going on with it,” he explains.
However, fans needn’t be too worried about these new tracks going to waste. Corey says that despite their hiatus, the band is still thinking about releasing their new material “over the next couple of months, if people are still interested.”
This process of writing and recording is what Corey believes to be the most rewarding, citing the release of their first album Cause For Concern as an “incredible experience”, allowing them to “get all of the songs we’ve worked so hard at writing out there for people to listen to.”
After announcing their break, the band also revealed that their final gig would be at the Barwon Club on February 20. Considering that The Stackshots only started playing together in 2013, along with the fact that Corey, their drummer Bonnie and their lead Dylan are just 18 years old, the band have made an incredible impact on the local music scene. The past couple of years have seen them play gigs all around town and earned them a spot on the Motor City Music Festival line-up in 2014, which they will be playing again this year.
“It’s a really big honour to get the opportunity to play there,” Corey says of their set at the festival.
“It means a lot to be thought of as one of the bands in Geelong to deserve a spot there and we’re going to try very hard to make it a very special show.”
Fortunately, it doesn’t seem as though Corey or his band-mates have lost their love for music. He says that music has always been what he loves doing and people should expect that he, Bonnie and Dylan will all continue on that path in the future. And in case you were wondering, this isn’t your typical clash-of-the-personalities break up; when the time comes for Corey, Bonnie and Dylan to pursue other musical endeavors, Corey says they’ll “all be supporting each other with whatever we’re doing.”
While Corey won’t rule out an eventual reunion, saying “at the moment we’re just at too different of a place musically… but we hope to get back together,” The Stackshots’ final gig next week is not one to be missed. “If we can still walk afterwards, I’d be very surprised because we plan to give it our all.” he says. Whether we see The Stackshots back on stage together in the coming years or not, one thing is for certain; this final show will send them out with a bang and is not to be missed.
The Stackshots final show is at The Barwon Club in Geelong on February 20. Tickets are $5 at the door.
By Kara Ready