The Spring Revue

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The Spring Revue

Castlemaine is much more than just a pretty town, they actually have the music to back up their good looks as well. The Spring Revue is an event where both of these things are mashed together and we had a chat to Ry Hamilton-Smith on what you can expect for its second show.
Hi Ry, thanks so much for chatting to Forte! Please tell us a bit about The Forest and how it has come about?
The Forest is designed to be a community of artists and musicians that want to create and have support from the other artists within the collective. It came about from a discussion about our desire to throw ideas around and work with lots of people.
How long has The Revue been running and how important is it to the Castlemaine music community?
The Revue has only had one amazing show back in August that exceeded our expectations. We didn’t know how it would go and it managed to be a bit of a gamble that paid off greatly. As for the effect on the community, we’ve managed to make a sure possibility for bands needing a stage to have access to venues and a receptive audience.
You have some really talented artists performing, ranging in all different styles, can tell us a bit about what each artist will bring on the night?
So we have two acts, Ruby Bergman and HOWL bringing a very relaxed and acoustic performance which serves to ease the audience into opening their minds to a quality experience. After that we have two more, Dysmorph and The Astros bringing a more psychedelic and energetic show designed to really give people something radical to react and move to. Finishing the show we have the tight and mesmerising My Way Killings, who will give a satisfying end to the journey the night presents.
There seems to be a lot of diverse talent emerging from Castlemaine, how supportive of each other are the musical acts in region?
It seems that most willing musicians will get a hand or a chance from venues and other artists around town, although we want them to have people to work with who will put on the show they want and support their ideas.
What can the audience at this months Spring Revue expect?
Potentially quite a wild show. We intend all Revues to be unpredictable but rewarding experiences. This Revue is specifically themed around spring and we’ll try and really capture that feel. The audience will be surrounded by stages with bands performing in different parts of the room to create seamless transitions between acts throughout the night.
There is also an afterparty at the venue, what types of shenanigans is likely to happen?
For those that have not yet got their fill of chaos and pandemonium we offer a solid set of trap beats executed by Laserfont to dance until they’re mere nubs and need crutches to leave.
Anything you’d like to add?
Tickets sell at a discounted price of $15 at the Theatre Royal Castlemaine at any date before the night. This night is designed for anyone looking to experience something outside their day to day life. Plenty of reason to take a holiday from the mundane.
When&Where: The Theatre Royal, Castlemaine – November 21
Photo by Marty Williams