The Sonics Reveal 2016 Melbourne Show

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The Sonics Reveal 2016 Melbourne Show

US garage veterans The Sonics will return to Australia for a one off Melbourne show.

Laying down the blueprint for garage rock back in 1963 with the release of their first single The Witch, they’ve since become icons in the punk canon. After calling it quits 1968 with only sporadic reunions, the group responded to the 2007 invitation of the New York garage festival Cavestomp to reform, releasing their first album in 2015 after almost 50 years titled This Is The Sonics.

Returning to our shores to perform their hits, original members Gerry Roslie and Larry Parpaya, unable to travel, will be replaced by Jake Cavelier (Fuzztones/ Lords of Altamont) and Evan Foster (Boss Martians).
The Sonics will play Max Watt’s on Saturday September 24. Tickets via Max Watt’s.