The Simpsons Trivia

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The Simpsons Trivia

In honour of the interview we did with heavy metal band Dr. Colossus who sing The Simpsons themed songs, we took a trip down memory lane and pieced together a quick Simpsons quiz for you all. How much do you know about the famous American TV show?

1. Who founded the Simpsons’ town?
2. What channel is Krusty’s show on?
3. What animal did the Simpson’s get for their first Christmas?
4. Who runs the Kwik-E-Mart?
5. What is the name of Mr. Burns’ teddy bear?
6. How long was Marge in prison for when she was caught shoplifting?
7. Who are Lisa’s favourite cartoon characters?
8. What is Sideshow Bob’s middle name?
9. Who ran Bart over in his car?
10. Who was the Plow King?
11. What did Shelbyville drink in celebration for banishing the lemon tree?
12. Who said this: “Such a nice day. I think I’ll go out the window.”?
13. What season have Fox just resigned the Simpsons up for?
14. Who was the first English comedian to both write and star in an episode?
15. What is the name of Cletus’ wife?
16. What is Lisa’s IQ?
17. What year did the Simpsons writers go on strike?
18. What sector of the nuclear power plant does Homer work in?
19. What is the name of Patty and Selma’s pet iguana?
20. How did Bart get kicked out of heaven?

Challenge your friends! Who is the biggest Simpsons fan?
Dr. Colossus got an impressive 18/20! Check your answers below and share your score with us on Facebook or Instagram! #fortemag

Answers: 1. Jebadiah Springfield / 2. Channel 6 / 3. A Dog / 4. Apu / 5. Bobo / 6. 20 days / 7. Happy Little Elves / 8. Underdunk / 9. Mr. Burns / 10. Barney / 11. Turnip Juice / 12. Dr Nick / 13. 28 / 14. Ricky Gervais / 15. Brandine / 16. 156 / 17. 2007 / 18. 7G / 19. Jub-Jub / 20. Spit over the side of the escalator