The Semiautos: 1967: The Lost Recordings

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The Semiautos: 1967: The Lost Recordings

The Semiautos release 1967: The Lost Recordings isn’t something you hear much of these days. It’s raw, real and completely untouched by the corporate need in the music industry to over-produce things. Put simply, it’s a nod back to the good ol’ days of music when the Beatles ruled the world.

With a very ’60s feel ‘She’s Like Ecstasy’ starts off with harmonising from the band members and a consistent, energetic guitar. Like the music of generations past, the release tells a story of a lady (or at least it seems that way). From the moment of seeing her in ‘She’s Like Ecstasy’ to the excitement of getting her touch in ‘Queen of Hearts’ to finally “getting her” in ‘Yeah She Loves’.

Pay attention to the guitar opening in ‘Star Struck’, it’s a highlight of the release and opens up to a really heartfelt and gentle track. ‘You Smashed My Love’ and ‘She’s Like Ecstasy’ are the definite highlights on the release and all round this is a release for if you want to reminisce the golden era of authentic and completely natural music. As a result it is a bit rough around the edges, but that’s the charm of what music is all about.

Out Independently
Reviewed by John Samuels