The Run

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The Run

The revivalist feeling for the Geelong crowd at The Run’s show was undeniably euphoric – but was it just a case of reminiscent grass-is-always-greener complex? Missing the days of the Nash where local bands showcased their best? Let’s address that now. No. Geelong bands can take issue with this or take a leaf out of the band’s book and put on a show that would see them booked at country-wide festivals. For someone who reviews over 150 shows a year, it’s with zero misgiving that The Run are among the ten best of 2018.
So how can this be said with such confidence, less than three months into the year? There’s a difference between a gig and a show. With a show there is an arc, a purpose and it’s rehearsed to give the audience what they want and more. That’s exactly the experience of the night – just the right amount of razzmatazz by turning the three-piece into a seven piece with a brass section. Yet somehow the brass acted as an underlying compliment without overwhelming the rest of the band. Connor Morel, lead singer, had the showmanship and more needed but shared it across the stage with the undeniable talent of each member. A gig is something you stand and listen to; The Run’s show was something where you wondered where you should look in case you missed something. Seven people putting on one of the best shows you’ve watched, in Geelong.
For a band with a limited catalogue it’s hard to imagine how they managed to develop the show into an almost three-act structure. From tropical-pop, then diving into older angst-driven tracks at the mid-point, and back again. For those who haven’t pegged it yet, that’s how stadium shows tend to work. That should tell you something about the potential of this band.
The Run @ Geelong Bandroom
For those unfamiliar with the prowess of drummer Will Conway, despite having the stature of a fullback his delicate stick-work was entrancing yet enough to give you the chest-hammering fix you crave at shows. Guitar and drum solos were without ego, instead feeding the crowd’s want and need for more, almost a teasing jam. There was an underlying island-esque feel to the sound but an enthralling unpredictability of what was to come next. All you knew was that The Run were going to take your hand and guide you through it. In their early 20’s, as you read this, the guys are each doing their own thing and a question mark hangs over the next step for the band. From several journalists who attended the night, the consensus is keep running.
The Run are the stranger you meet at a party who whispers to you that they know the best secret spot you’re likely to see. You don’t know where you’re going but you trust you’re being guided by the stars.
Where: Geelong Bandroom
When: Saturday February 17
Reviewed by James Mac
Photos by Lucinda Goodwin