The Run Homecoming Show

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The Run Homecoming Show

Goot­ en tahk, dear readers, I hope you’re all well. How good are Aussies? If we’re not smashing it at Eurovision, we’re popping up at festivals the world­ over.

Or, in the case of The Run, doing battle on what is perhaps the biggest Battle of the Bands stage of them all. In case you missed the 6 O’Clock news, Geelong outfit The Run are currently abroad, battling it out at the Global Battle of the Bands in Germany after claiming a national victory in Sydney.

The indie­ pop trio have been together for around 16 months now, after having come together while performing in a production of Guys and Dolls. More impressive, all members are in their teens – Will Conway and Connor Sheedy, both eighteen, and Nick Hinks, fifteen. The youth of today and their rock and roll dreams! The Global Battle of the Bands has been running since 2004 and is now held in more than 30 countries.

We at Forte have our fingers crossed that they kicked the butt we know they can kick. Win or not, we say good on ‘em.

If you’re keen, they’ll be playing a homecoming show at Geelong’s Workers Club on June 4. Also, check out their debut EP, Beside Me.