The Rubens’ Hoop Dreams

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The Rubens’ Hoop Dreams

I hope there is a little room in your life for The Rubens. I know things aren’t always easy. You’ve got to work, take the kids to school, pay bills, do the shopping, and work a little more. And what spare time you do have you use getting angry at comments on forums. Grrr, you can’t say that. That’s a flamin’ outrage that is. I happen to like rainbows, good sir. But it is important that, from time to time, you chillax – yes, that’s right, I am dropping chillax. And here to help you are Menangle’s pride and joy, The Rubens. You probably know about the band’s new single ‘Hallelujah’. And if you do, you probably know about the band’s forthcoming album Hoops (out August 7), too. Frontman Sam Margin: “We put more of a focus on how the songs would work in a live setting for this album. We wanted to write songs that would be fun for us to play live as well as fun for our audience to listen and move to.” The band will take in over 20 dates on their first national tour since 2013. Joining them will be Melbourne alt-soul outfit Saskwatch and Central Coast folk-rock duo Winterbourne. Lorne Hotel, Lorne – October 11.