The Rubens are calling on fans to help them create their next music video

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The Rubens are calling on fans to help them create their next music video

Following on from the release of their summer hit ‘Live In Life’, The Rubens return in full force with their new single, ‘Heavy Weather’, as well as a call to fans to get involved in the creation of their next music video.

Bursting with colossal hooks that are bound to stay in your head for days, ‘Heavy Weather’ is all about empowerment; an anthem reminding us all to take control of the inner critic and back yourself when times get tough – a message that seems timely in this new world order.

Until recently the band were in the final stages of recording what is to be the band’s fourth studio album, giving themselves a break and some space at the end of March to see if inspiration would strike at the final hour before heading on their (now-postponed) tour. With album plans on hold for now, the band didn’t want to leave fans waiting for new music.

“We wrote ‘Heavy Weather’ at the end of 2019. The song is about the inner dialogue you have with yourself when you’re going through something heavy/challenging. This song has nothing to do with Covid-19 but I guess more than ever people are going through some very hard times now. So on one hand it’s a bit scary to know the themes relate but what we really want is that pandemic or no pandemic, if you’re going through a tough period, maybe this song can help you through that process and let you know you’re not alone.”

With the new social restrictions in place, the band’s planned video clip also had to be canned. So instead, the legends are calling for the community to help them create a music video from isolation.

“We literally had some video treatments for the song by some dope directors, but all of them couldn’t do it because of the COVID-19 restrictions, so we’ve had to rethink the approach. Given the set back with our tour, we wanted to acknowledge our fans somehow. We thought the best way to do that was to invite them to be in a clip. So we’re asking fans around the world to send in videos of them doing anything they’re doing right now and our good mate Russ is going to do his creative thing and make a boss video with all these videos!”

To get involved, all you have to do grab your phone and make a video of your iso experience and upload your video to this website before Thurs May 7, making sure you approve the terms and conditions. Next, post it on your socials with the hashtag #heavyweathervideo so the band can see it and wait for the official video to be released with your masterpiece included.

Check out the track below and get creative!

Photo by Giulia McGauran