The Royce Twins release 4 Years

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The Royce Twins release 4 Years

‘4 Years’ is the name of the new EP by The Royce Twins, Gabriel and Michael Saalfield and it’s been that long since they completed writing their Debut EP.

Since that time they’ve had sales and streams in 70 countries and performed continuously around Victoria, building their live support base and social media following.

The Twins break new ground with ‘4 Years’ which ramps up the pace like never before.

The album immediately made it into the Australian iTunes charts, coming in at number seven in the singer-songwriter charts and number 59 on the all in albums chart. This is an impressive effort for a second release from independent Australian artists.

The Royce Twins are looking to make their own mark as singer-songwriters both locally and internationally.

Check them out here.