The Rockstar Signs #711

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The Rockstar Signs #711

This is a time to focus of who you are in life. What do you bring to life, to relationships, to humanity? And where are you heading?

Aries: Action usually speaks louder than words for Aries, but you may soon discover that you need to communicate your plans with another to really get the ball rolling. Many hands make light work.

Taurus: You seek to express yourself in new and creative ways. As the weather cools, you look inwards for quiet inspiration based off of recent experiences that have expanded your belief systems.

Gemini: It feels like someone has turned your microphone back on and you finally have plenty to say again. All that stuff that you have been thinking about in the back of your mind, it’s time to go do it.

Cancer: Improvements towards a healthy lifestyle sees a boost in your overall vitality and emotional state. You recognise the need to integrate your whole best self when pursuing your dreams.

Leo: As you reflect on where you’ve been and who you are becoming, the pace slows down and you adjust to a new self-belief system that you can master and build with a pure heart.

Virgo: Everything will begin to click back into place this week and you will feel a sigh of relief. The down time really did open you up to living more in flow, but you’re ready to get back to business.

Libra: If relationships are demanding more time than you are willing to give, it is important for you to define your boundaries and find your zen spot. No matter how far away that is.

Scorpio: With so much mental focus and discipline in your life, it’s important that you allow yourself to enjoy the whimsical. Logic and magic exists in two different spaces.

Sagittarius: You have a lot going on as you seek to improve your home and life whilst still having fun, but it all comes easy to you because you take the party with you.

Capricorn: Your presence is strong and exceedingly capable right now, and you begin reaching out to new areas of your life. Entertain new ideas and people, everyone has a story to tell.

Aquarius: You talk the talk and walk the walk as you cruise through life searching for that real life human experience. Never are you out of your comfort zone when you are trying something new.

Pisces: You’ve been having such a great time swimming through the land and sea. Your imagination is rich and you love connecting with interesting new people. Let’s stretch out the summer as long and you can.

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