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Summer arrives early this year with the mighty Jupiter shining his expansive light on all that’s fun, exciting and positive. His year long transit of Sagittarius will be a beacon for all that seek to become a bigger and better version of themselves!
Using your imagination to fuel new modes of self-expression will have you feeling immensely positive and popular, and by listening to and supporting your tribe of friends you will also learn a lot about being present with yourself.
Much time has been spent reviewing your emotional life and as you continue to dissect the principles of your self-worth your boundaries grow stronger, and your ability to assert yourself with equal amounts of grace and authority earn you the admiration of your peers.
Your mental activity increases with the excitement of new ideas and an active social life. With plenty to do this summer, your versatility and exploration of all the options will work to your greatest benefit.
Receiving support from your friends and family inspires you to continue to achieve your best in your personal life, and this in turn increases your love and compassion for those that provide you with the structure that you crave.
A boost to your social life increases your confidence and charm, therefore, you are demonstrative of your affections and generous with your resources. This is a good time for romance and creativity.
Streamlining the balance between work and play gives you more time to enjoy yourself. Always learning and improving, you are excited by new ideas that are outside of the box which you can turn into more good fortune.
Brains and beauty go together for you as you effortlessly acquire new knowledge and update your look. Building your empire has never been so fun, and you celebrate your wins with your best friends.
You see new value in old ideas as you revisit the past in order to improve the present. Your personal worth increases and you take yourself very seriously, whilst you also receiving much support from your romantic partner and close friends.
You are feeling inspired with greatness and as the year winds down, the joy increases for you. Exploring further outside of yourself provides you with a more holistic appreciation of this big, wide world and you are excited by all the people that you meet along the way.
With your ability to achieve so much in life, inspiration can be found in the most unlikely of scenarios so remain open to receiving and ask for help when needed to make your life easier. It’s important that you allow yourself time for rest and recreation.
Focusing on the bigger picture enables you to structure a plan for future ease and comfort. You don’t expect much out of life, as your revolutionary spirit finds greater joy in expanding the consciousness and humanity as a whole.
You are enthusiastic about achieving your dreams as you form new friendships with people that can provide you with plenty of focus and point you in positive directions. This in turn allows you to dream bigger for even more personal growth in life.
Written by The Astrology Seer: Connecting to the Cosmic Macrocosm.
I have been practising Astrology since 1995 and find great joy in sharing and talking about all things planetary, and connecting people to their cosmic destiny. For more astro-fun like The Astrology Seer on Facebook and Instagram.