The rise of Pist Idiots

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The rise of Pist Idiots

It’s time to talk about Pist Idiots – and no, we don’t mean the group of guys that got into their parents’ liquor cabinets. This group of guys is a punk rock bunch from Revesby, Sydney. Loved for their fully charged, upbeat and energetic performances – it’s no surprise that they’ve been selected to play at Laneway 2020, a festival known for its iconic line-ups.

How did Pist Idiots make their way to the top? Well, firstly they started off playing pub gigs. From there, they started recording – and people were interested. They released their first EP – Bandcamp – and then in 2017 toured with Dumb Punts, Skegss and Wash. Now, in 2019, they’re making their way through their own national tour, visiting Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and of course, Melbourne.
They’ve also released a new EP: Ticker.

“It comes from when we were kids. You watch the league on the TV, or you’re playing sport and your coach asks, got your ticker about you? It’s about what makes someone go.”

This depth and vulnerability attract fans. Although they’re one of the loudest and craziest Australian bands on the scene, they manage to combine honesty, humour, and masculinity, singing about being “under-fucked and under-paid” and several beats later, saying “tell my mother not to love me anymore”.

Whilst lyrics like that may appear better suited to a slower song, Pist Idiots prefers them fast. “They’re good for summer and it’s fun to have participation from the audience.” This makes sense: at a punk show, it’s less about the lyrics and more about the performance, and Pist Idiots certainly know how to perform!

“In the past, we’ve worn glad wrap and jumper cords.” And for Laneway? “That’s high-end, we might be wearing suits.”

If you’re planning on seeing them, you won’t go wrong.

“We’re lucky that we’ve known each other forever – they’re my best friends. I’ve known them all for twenty years. It’s so easy to collaborate. There’s a comfortableness with each other.”

With a connection like that, it’s no wonder the performances are energetic, well-oiled and fun. So if you’re heading to Laneway, keep an eye out for Pist Idiots. They’re excited to play for more people than they often would – and there’s no doubt that it’ll be a great time.

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Written by Daniela Koulikov