The Revolving Studio Door Of Men… And Me.

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The Revolving Studio Door Of Men… And Me.

I’ve just started my fourth relationship in 4.5 years. That is, my fourth co-host on my Drive show, the Departure Lounge. I’ve now had more working partnership than ACTUAL relationships in Geelong. (TBH that record was surpassed when my third co-host started on air with me).

Starting in 2014, I worked alongside Leigh K. While it took me 12 months to crack that man mountain’s personality, I owe him a lot. He restored my faith and my ability in the radio industry. He also taught me patience. Oh man, my patience was tested with Kuhlmann. I was the organised brains in that partnership. When Leigh, his wife and the poochies Max and Charlie moved to Sydney, a piece of my heart got the feels.

I asked myself “what will I do now? Who will have my back?”. #mourningphase

Andy “The Block” Sunderland, that’s who! I was thrilled (and exhausted) watching this cyclone of positivity in my studio. Over the six weeks he filled in, he picked me up when I was feeling flat, made me laugh everyday and would just be there. I can’t express how important that last one was during this time. “What do you need me to do Stamps? Can I help you with anything? Ohhhh look shiny things!” (Yep, he’s easily distracted). When he occasionally fills in from time to time to time, I fist pump the air. I then have a good night’s sleep. It’s like I’ve been nephew sitting.

Jamie S was the next man to walk into my life. I thought I was organised and proactive. This guy was me x 3! While he adjusted to life in Geelong with a new team, I positioned myself behind the panel and into the anchor role. Jamie pushed me to expand creatively with interviews, promotions or with talk topics. His experience in Perth gave me new ideas and had me thinking about different opportunities. I wasn’t stale, but I did need this reinvigoration to shake up my world and my embedded habits.

His life as a new baby daddy has meant he and our workday announcer have recently swapped on air duties. So, latest man to join me on the Drive show journey is Josh O. I’m hoping this one will stick around for some time. I need some stability for a while. He is enthusiastic and driven, coming into this new role with fresh eyes and skill-sets I don’t possess (there will be A LOT of videos coming for your eye holes!). During this exciting phase, I’m now back on the other side of the desk, adjusting to the life of a co-host.

With each partnership I’ve learnt something I would love in an actual relationship. Each work husband has tested me, inspired me and encouraged me to strive for more AND be happy with what we have achieved once the microphones are switched off at 6pm. That should be the same for any healthy relationship.

And I’ll continue to be the backbone of your Drive home. I’m cool with that, if you are.

Til next time, Stampsy xx

(Hear the new line up 4-6pm weeknights on K rock 95.5 & find Stampsy on the ‘gram @lee_stamps, FB @StampsyKROCK)

Stampsy is the Music Director and Drive Announcer at K Rock in Geelong