The REAL Notebook On Love?

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The REAL Notebook On Love?

Fact. Love is not Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in The Notebook. It is a fictional movie people! It is unattainable and it is setting your expectation of love up to fail.

Also, I don’t care how physically attractive you are Ryan Gosling, how much of a poet you are Ryan Gosling or how unrequited our love is Ryan Gosling, I am not standing in the raining and catching a cold for you.

As The Beatles sang “all you need is love”. They also sang about living in a ‘Yellow Submarine’ and had a song called ‘Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da’. Are these men you can seriously call and ask for love advice?

Deep down we all want someone to look at us the way Gossip Girls’ Chuck Bass looks at Blair Waldorf. TBH, all I want is someone to look at me the way I look at pizza.

This is not a poo-poo to love. I want love to win. Love conquers all… blah blah blah something from Pinterest. It just needs to be REAL. Not Instagram real, I mean, in front of your own two eyes real. It should be continuous small acts of kindness. There should be heartfelt conversation. You should feel safe in their arms and they should offer you the last row of chocolate.

I was a witness to what (could be close to) real love should be. It happened in Geelong West.

I parked my car off Pako to go across to Chemist Warehouse for a prescription. I arrived before their doors opened so I sat in my car and started scrolling through Facebook.

A car parked in front of me and an elderly gentleman got out of the driver’s side. He was impeccably dressed in his Sunday best. A grey suit, polished shoes, and a sharp haircut. He walked around the back of the car to the passengers’ side and stood between the car and the road.

His wife got out of the passengers’ side. She was also impressively dressed. Her lips were matching her bright red top and floral skirt. She was wearing long pearls and a white knitted beanie. She finished her look with kitten heels and a cute clutch.

Her husband was standing tall with a smile from ear to ear. His eyes were beaming with pride as she straightened herself before closing the door. Then I saw a man protecting his wife of (what I assumed to be of many years) from any potential hazards from oncoming cars. He walked around to her right, where she slipped her arm through his. Side by side they crossed the road. He placed his hand on hers. There was love in every step. She trusted him and he adored her.

As I started my car and began to drive away, I thought to myself…“Idiots, Chemist Warehouse doesn’t open for another 20 minutes”.

Ok, so maybe my inner romantic needs work.

Stampsy is the Drive Announcer and Music Director at Krock Geelong. Show Stampsy some love on the socials. Give her a follow on IG lee_stamps and FB StampsyKROCK.