The Raw Side of Didirri

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The Raw Side of Didirri

Melbourne indie-folk singer-songwriter Didirri has found his way deep into our hearts with his stripped-back melodies, lyrics delving into our inner thoughts and his deep, soulful voice.

His latest release ‘Raw Stuff’ is yet another example of the wordsmith’s talent as it tells of a situation from two different perspectives.

“For the first time in my life, I was skipping Christmas. Though I was pursuing my creative goals, I was far from my family and friends,” Didirri says. “It was difficult to open up to someone I cared about back home. I couldn’t explain the mixed bag of emotions that was weighing me down so I gave up on the song quickly… It didn’t feel finished.

“Two years later I’m in the studio… the phone rings and it’s the person I had felt cut off from that year I skipped Christmas. They said they had felt the same, and had found it hard to open up as well. And that they were skipping Christmas this year.

“I instantly remembered the half-written song I never finished, and suddenly it all made sense,” he continues.

“’Raw Stuff’ instantly falls into two parts. The first half is my side of miscommunication, and the second my reaction to hearing they felt the same.”

With heartbreaking words about miscommunication and oneself being the biggest hurdle, ‘Raw Stuff’ builds to a final crescendo keeping listeners holding onto every beat.

To coincide with the release of arguably his most emotive song yet, Didirri has announced a string of shows after he returns from the United States and Canada.

Alongside a show at Howler in Brunswick, Didirri will headline his hometown of Warrnambool’s Lighthouse Theatre.

“It’s been a dream of mine to play at the Lighthouse since I was very small,” he says. “I really want to do something special for that show. It will be an experience that’s for sure.”

Tickets are now on sale to see Didirri live at Lighthouse Theatre, Warrnambool on April 24 or at Howler, Brunswick on April 26 through his website. The songman is also heading across to SXSW.

Written by Kim Price
Photo by Ivana Martyn-Zyznikow