The Rat Pack from Vegas

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The Rat Pack from Vegas

It’s natural for us to hold onto the past, after all, as human beings we’re sentimental creatures. But it’s not often the past gets recreated in the future and that’s exactly what the trio behind the Rat Pack From Vegas are doing.
Hi thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte, how are you and what are you up to at the moment?
I’m doing great and feeling very blessed and excited to he coming back to Australia. At the moment I’m just enjoying some quality time with my beautiful wife of 21 years Linda and my two cocker spaniels Dino and Cosmo.
First things first, what first got you into the tribute show the Rat Pack?
First and foremost I’d have to say it was my love and admiration for Dean Martin. Watching his variety show as a kid with my family I remember being so taken by a grown up dressed in a tuxedo acting like a big kid himself and having fun doing it. I remember when Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis would guest star on his show and they were no different in the way they acted when they were together, as my friends and I did when we got into mischief. Dean’s charisma and charm were legendary. He could sing, dance and be funny and had the sophistication about him that was so endearing. He was the kind of guy all the guys wanted to be like and all the women just wanted to be with. Another thing that drew me to the tribute show was the music. This music in timeless and is just as popular today as it was when it first hit the scene.
Obviously the original line up featured such legends in the music scene for that time, do you feel a lot of pressure trying to recreate what they did?
Not so much pressure but more a responsibility. It’s almost as if we are presenting history in the form of a show. Our audiences vary in age, from the older patrons – who were fans of the original Rat Pack – to the younger fans – who are just now discovering the music and the whole concept of the Rat Pack. For the older fans it’s a nostalgic journey, and for the newer fans it’s a chance to see and experience what all the hype was about back when the Rat Pack ruled Las Vegas.
They sort of paved the way for diversity in groups too, do you think that’s something we see much of today?
If we do see it today it’s done for profit and popularity. Singers today I think are concerned with being on top as solo artists and when there is a pairing of two performers it’s to sell tickets and their music. The Rat Pack were all individuals from very different backgrounds who became friends during their early struggles to make it in the business. There was no YouTube or social media to help propel them into stardom – it was simply their talents and determination. You have to remember the members of the Rat Pack were all very successful entertainers individually and became a team because they loved working with their buddies.
You’re returning to Australian shores with this show, how did you find Australia the first time around?
This will be our fourth tour to Australia since 2010 and I have to say we have been welcomed with open arms from the very beginning. We have enjoyed every moment, especially since we do go back to a lot of the same venues. We have people who have come to see us every time we’ve come hack. One of the most amazing things we’ve experienced is when people – who have gone to see the show in Las Vegas – let us know they’re from Australia. Then we get into a conversation about our tour, then months later after one of our shows in Australia, those very people we met in Las Vegas walk up to us wearing the T-shirt from our show in Las Vegas accompanied by the photos they took with us after that very show. It happens often and is very humbling.
Do you really appreciate the originals and the talents of past?
I think the continuing success of this show is a true testament to the appreciation toward the original Rat Pack. With so many big name performers today all trying their hand at recording the classic standards that were made famous by the Rat Pack, as well as other recording artists of that time, really shows an appreciation and respect for those talents. It also shows that everything old is new again and stands the true test of time.
Thanks again for having the chat with us, are there any last words of wisdom you’d to share with our readers?
It was my pleasure chatting with you. I’d like to tell the readers to always be good to one another and listen to your heart because it will guide you to your dreams. Oh and one other thing, come see The Rat Pack From Vegas at a theatre near you!
When & Where: Her Majesty’s Theatre, Ballarat – June 28