The Pretty Littles

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The Pretty Littles

While there are musicians and bands in this world with one goal in sight: to get famous, and with management pushing for the goal to be achieved it can be quite hard to maintain a level head in the industry. Though if there’s a band that’s making music for the pure joy of it, The Pretty Littles are they.
“We’ve kind of just kept going on the same kind of path and not overly pushing but just playing gigs because it’s fun,” drummer Will says.
Even the competition between fellow bands in similar genres isn’t there, and instead when they find something they love the band often shares it on social media.
“It’s kind of this weird thing but there’s so much ego in bands when you’re playing around, which is just unnecessarily there. So it’s good when you meet a band that actually likes your music,” he says.
“When they’re friendly people you just want to promote them and share their stuff around. We just like telling people if our friends are doing a new film clip or have a new album. We’re stoked for them so we want to tell everyone about it.”
Sharing the love is clearly working for the four-piece as at each launch gig to date they’ve played to a full crowd.
“When you set up a launch gig you’re sort of wondering if anyone is going to come or if your friends still care that you’re still in a band. So you never really know if people are going to come and fill it up. But each launch we’ve played has been so good because it’s just full of people,” Will says.
With one coming up at the Gasometer for new track ‘Man Baby’ – which is a “full tilt pop” song featuring the likes of Dix-Pix on guest vocals – we’re sure the tradition will follow on. One thing’s for sure is that no matter how the band are feeling on the day, they’ll put on a great show and get you sweaty and looking like shit – like only the best gigs do to you.
“At our last launch which was at the Tote Jack was really sick. He had an upset stomach and wasn’t really feeling well and everyone was crowd surfing and getting really sweaty and he was just getting sicker and sicker through the gig,” he says.
“All of a sudden he just walked off the stage and had a massive spew all over his guitar cases. No one could see it because he was off the side, but I was just sitting there still playing along and I just looked at him and he was pale and shaking his head at me, and I thought, ‘What are we going to do?’”
“He got back on and ended up finishing. I think because there was so much energy in the gig he got through on adrenaline but afterwards he was just completely spent.”
If that’s a not a sign for dedication to your craft then I don’t know what is. Make sure you head down to their next gig for a chance to see one of the most honest bands going around tear you a new one.
When&Where: The Gasometer, Melbourne – April 2
Written by Amanda Sherring