The Pretty Littles: Gospel

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The Pretty Littles: Gospel

The Pretty Littles get in your head and extract all those thoughts hidden in the dark little crevices of the mind. The new album, Gospel, may only be eight tracks long, but it’s eight tracks of rock perfection. These guys aren’t trying to prove anything, they’re just playing great garage rock that’s honest, laid back and lyrically on the money. Not only are the instrumentals killer but they have such a way with words, nailing every lyric. Life is messy, we all screw up and we often find ourselves thinking strange things – The Pretty Littles sum all of this up really nicely in this album.
They’re all standout tracks, so it’s really hard to pick, but personally I loved ‘Sinkin’ Feeling’, it’s full of good old fashioned rock riffs and attitude. ‘Dangerman’, ‘Religion Is My Favourite’ and ‘Local Footy’ are also standout tracks, but like I said, it’s hard to pick as they’re all great.
Gospel is full of dark ideas, rage and attitude. To sum up the sentiment in one sentence, I would say; ‘My life is kind of a mess, part of me likes it and shit I’m having a lot of fun in the meantime.’
I’ve found a new favourite in The Pretty Littles and I can’t wait to check them out live!
Out now via independent release
Reviewed by Montana Agustin