The Pretty Littles and The Harlots Join Forces

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The Pretty Littles and The Harlots Join Forces

What is better than one delightful band you would take home to meet your parents? Very good, it would be two bands. You get a home-brand cookie.

The Harlots and The Pretty Littles have decided to share a tour, because that is what bands do when they share the word ‘The’. Come a little closer and I will let in you on something.

Both bands currently have new singles they’re showing the big, wide world. The Harlots have the single ‘High Roller’, a number lifted from their forthcoming debut album. Meanwhile, The Pretty Littles have the single ‘Pride’, which is a little number lifted from their debut album.

You will not want to be anywhere but The Loft in Warrnambool on May 21.