The Pretty Littles

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The Pretty Littles

Jack Parsons, lead singer for Melbourne rockers The Pretty Littles, is headed into enemy territory as we begin to chat about their highly anticipated third record Soft Rock For The Anxious. It’s pre grand final day, and as a Sydney Swans supporter heading into Footscray to pick up his guitar, it kinda feels like he is going behind enemy lines.

“I’ll be honest with you mate, I am a little bit scared about what could happen in the next twenty minutes. I have my trusty dog beside me though. It’s a real roll of the dice with what’s happening and so I hope fingers crossed I come out unscathed,” Parsons says.

Released around a month ago, Soft Rock For The Anxious is anything but what you are expecting from the title. Kicking off with the opener ‘Soda Pop’, this record is as rambunctious as their previous releases and features some kick arse song writing, alongside some sweet bluesy guitar. From the first listen, it’s easy to hear the influence from one of the greatest local rock acts around. The one and the only – Vasco Era. Having now gone their separate ways, their music will live on forever and Parsons, is full of gusto in telling me the first time he saw them live.

I saw those guys at Falls Festival when I was 17 and my life really hasn’t been the same since. They came on after Modest Mouse had played a massive set and Sid played Blue Suede Shoes solo acoustic. Brilliant. I think you can definitely hear the influence of them on this album. Fingers crossed for a reunion somewhere down the track.” 

The Pretty Littles are showcasing their new album on stage at Kennedys Creek Music Festival. Having already played at the festival before, you can imagine the boys are frothing at the mouth to get back.

It’s such a great little festival and we have played their a few times before. There is something majestical about getting up in the bush and having a jam with your mates. It’s a good time and it should be a cracker weekend.” 

The future plans for The Pretty Littles looks bright, as they are already working on the follow up to what is one of the highlights of Australian music in 2016.

I tend to always be writing and have a few ideas for the new record. After this run of shows we want to continue tinkering away in the studio so I’m sure you will hear something new soon enough.”

If you haven’t got your ears around the new record yet, we highly recommend it. Whether you’re in the mood to party or just relax, this is perfect for your summer playlist.

Written by Tex Miller

When & Where: Kennedys Creek Music Festival, Kennedys Creek – October 22, Karova Lounge, Ballarat – October 28 & The Loft, Warrnambool – November 12