The Presets Drop Into Hottest 100 and Torquay

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The Presets Drop Into Hottest 100 and Torquay

For 17 years electronic duo, Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes have been serving up the catchiest of dance floor anthems. ‘This Boys In Love’, ‘Yippiyo-Ay’, ‘Talk Like That’, ‘My People’, ‘Do What You Want’, ‘Downtown Shutdown’, ‘Tools Down’, ‘Martini’; endless bangers line their rich catalogue and has seen the two receive countless nominations, awards, and recognition, including a newly five-time appearance in the Triple J’s Hottest 100. That final appearance came over the weekend alongside Golden Features, thanks to their 2019 collaborative project, the dangerously infectious EP, Raka, and its mammoth hit ‘Paradise’.

“The Hottest 100 is a funny old thing and something you always want to be in and thankfully our songs have been in there heaps over the years but the music scene styles change so quickly, it’s hard to know whether you’re going to make it or not,” says Hamilton.

Well make it they did, collecting the #75 spot. Rather impressive for The Presets first-ever turn at song collaboration, let alone EP collaboration. Hamilton and Moyes are used to having a tight hold on the production reigns but working with Tom Stell aka Golden Features was an effortless addition to their cocktail of creation; perhaps even the cucumber to their…Martini.

“Normally when Kim and I work as The Presets, we produce and we both carry the project in our heads and we don’t really have any other music directors or producers that help us. On Hi Vis we had other instrumentalists and choirs and singer but we would carry the whole thing in our heads for years. It’s a really fun experience but at times it can be quiet mental and a heavy thing to be carrying around in your head for so long,” he explains.

“Working with Tom [Stell], he’s an amazing producer in his own right and a huge artist in his own right; for him to come along not as a guest but as a collaborator and for him to take on a lot of the workload as a producer was such a treat for us.”

In fact, the experience has opened the dynamic duo up to exploring future collaborative opportunities.

“I would love to or even do a whole album or tour. Kim and I have our own way of working and our musical language we use with one another and our relationship and it works now, but it’s lovely when you add another ingredient into the mix and you get pushed out of our comfort zone a bit to try things you wouldn’t normally try. I’d definitely be up to collaborating more with other people with the band,” Hamilton says.

Who knows? Perhaps their next music partnership will be found upon the festival stage! The Presets will be headlining The Drop Festival in April across the country alongside Boy & Bear, Ball Park Music, Allday, DZ Deathrays, Kita Alexander and Graace. This may be the start of some more musical magic! Who knows? But what we do know is that their show will be a celebration and showcase of their extensive catalogue and a huge party!

“We do try to represent the whole career in some way when we’re playing in these shows,” Hamilton says. “Some of the best shows we’ve played over the years have been to a surf crowd. Back in the early, early days we used do Christmas Party’s at local surf clubs and they were just off the chain so we’re really looking forward to these gigs and also looking forward to visiting some beautiful place.”

The Drop Torquay is going to be a full-circle experience for The Presets and one that cannot be missed.

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Written by Tammy Walters
Photo by Ben Sullivan