The Power of People at Eureka

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The Power of People at Eureka

The Eureka Stockade and the events leading up to it on 3 December 1854, have always been hotly contested. Like much of history, who tells the story will determine the version of events you hear. For the diggers, building a wooden barricade on the site where M.A.D.E now stands, was a necessary tactic in the face of corrupt and aggressive government officials. To the government, these actions were a dangerous defiance of the established authority. The diggers wanted a voice, while the government opposed democratic representation for all men. Even the miners themselves were split about the best way to achieve change – some believed in the use of physical force, while others supported non-violent petitioning.
The Power of People at Eureka, a new temporary exhibition at M.A.D.E, examines the perspectives of 12 men and women who were part of the Eureka events. Through an interesting display of stories, photographs and objects, visitors will be able to discover more about both sides of this fascinating national story before having the opportunity to cast their own vote to answer the question, “Which is mightier, the pen or the sword?”
Where: M.A.D.E. 102 Stawell Street South, Ballarat.
When: 18 July – 8 August.