The Power of One

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The Power of One

We gave this a little mention last issue, but we feel it deserves a bigger mention. In what is a massive win for the city, Cat Power will swing by Bendigo next year as part of an intimate series of solo theatre performances.
Born Charlyn Marie “Chan” Marshall, the name Cat Power originally served as the name for Marshall’s first band. The story there goes that back before their first gig, with a name yet to be finalised, the singer-songwriter was standing at a payphone attempting to come up with a name. She saw someone with a ‘Cat Diesel Power’ hat, and so that became the name.
Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley spotted her supporting Liz Phair in 1994 and would produce her first two albums, Dear Sir and Myra Lee. She released Sun, her ninth album, in 2012. As for her relationship with Australia, it was back in 1997 when the Georgia-born singer-songwriter made her first visit to our shores, and we have Dirty Three drummer Jim White to thank for that. She has since performed at festivals and events including Meredith, Golden Plains, MONA FOMA, Sydney Festival and PIAF. This is something special. The Capital, Bendigo – February 10.